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About Grace

Grace holding large carved, burned and dyed gourd “Ocean Fantasy”

I am a watercolor and acrylic artist but discovered the world of gourds about 7 years ago.

I love every facet of this art form — from the cleaning, to burning, to sanding, to dying — you name it.

It is a great challenge to be working in 3-D instead of 2-D.

My interest in gourds was sparked by a one-day workshop that I took at San Diego Botanic Garden. I knew about gourds from my childhood in Nigeria, where the people use gourds for everything, from spoons to bowls and for storage.

I purchase my gourds uncleaned and uncut from Welburn Gourd Farm

I am a member of the San Diego County Gourd Artists and the California Gourd Society

Email me by clicking here.


Grace and brother Paul in Nigeria with hand-fulls of gourds













I have recently converted my dad’s silent 16mm movies into digital format and up-loaded them to YouTube.
You can view them by searching for Lionel Seger 16mm movies or by clicking here.

This photo was taken in Nigeria by my father